Monday, June 24, 2013

Pride and Baby Shenanigans

Last weekend was Columbus' Pride Festival. We like to call it the beginning of our summer holiday season, because this coming weekend is Comfest (more on that next week) and then of course it's the Fourth of July, and all of these involve festivities within walking distance from our house.

Friday my mom and our nephew James came over for dinner, and by that I mean we took them to Buffalo Wild Wings.

James will be getting his summer haircut soon, so we needed a picture.

Some neighbors landed on our screened porch later and we had a few adult beverages and tried rearranging the porch furniture, but eventually it ended up in the same place it started.

The beer fairy visited our garage!

Saturday we went to two Pride brunches, then to the Pride Parade.

Some of my favorite parade participants included Chipotle, Mikey's Late Night Slice and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America! And
Aaron made friends with a 10-week old puppy named Ernest.

Then Amy and I took off for her niece Courtney's baby shower. (Only for a framily member would I abandon the festivities!) Her friends did a great job; we only had to play three quick games, and I even won one of them (matching socks, which Aaron found pretty ironic).

So much cuteness!

A Beatles onesie from Aunt Amy!

How cool is this gift?!

Mom-to-be Courtney surrounded by her mom Julie, sister Marin, and aunts Boo and Amy

Me, Courtney, Amy

Sunday we sang at church for the choir's last Sunday of the season, then met Aaron's parents for lunch at the Golden Lamb in Lebanon, OH. Yum. Low key evening to get ready for the week ahead, which for me will be Walk to Work Week. It's also my first five-day work week since before Memorial Day.

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  1. I want Ernest.

    That Beatles onesie is adorable.

  2. That parade sounds like a blast and I love the beer stocked fridge.

  3. The Pride Parade looks like so much fun!! My friend went this year and had a blast.

  4. Oh my goodness, that pic of Aaron kissing the pup!!!! I die!

  5. Hello. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out here:

  6. LOL to the beer fairy!! ;)

    I can't believe you were in Lebanon on Sunday- super close to my parents house! And we LOVE the Golden Lamb!!

  7. Cute baby shower! And cute little puppy!! Seattle Pride is this weekend. It's so big and crazy!


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