Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Gwensday Guest Post from Erin

Today I'm traveling from Dresden to Prague and I've asked Erin to pinch hit for me!


Hello, friends of Gwen!! Thank you so much for letting me stop in and introduce myself. I'm Erin and I blog over at Love, Fun & Football.
Certified Disney nerds :)

If you stop over at LFF anytime soon, you'll soon see I'm a little bit crazy, but a lotta bit friendly---- I promise :) Most pictures you see of me are going to look more like this...
...because, let's be honest. That is way easier to pull off than any other pose I know! Plus, I had to include this photo because I'm at one of Gwen's favorite places on earth... and my LEAST favorite. The dreaded Pittsburgh Steelers football field. You gotta admit, Gwen must really think I'm cool if she'll let a Bengals fan like me over here today ;) Thanks, again!

Not only do I LOVE football, but I also work in the football world too. I may already be counting down the days until the first Bengals game of the season!

I got married in May 2011 to another crazy football fan. I accidentally stole his hoody in college which is how we ultimately met and started dating ;)

You'll find I blog a lot about my obsession with Mexican food, and how I'm currently trying to get back on the whole 'running thing' to make up for how much I eat it. I love to write on my blog, but I'm also working on a memoir right now! Being a published author is the ultimate dream goal of mine.

Last random fact about me? I held a baby lion while on our honeymoon in Mexico. Seriously....
I would love to meet you other fabulous ladies out there- so please stop by Love, Fun & Football or follow me on twitter! :)


Thanks, Erin! Anyone who's known me since at least college days knows of my love for lions so of course I adore that last picture. Also, even though she's a Bengals girl, you should totally read the story of how Erin got engaged.


  1. Thanks for letting me post today Gwen! Football rivals or not, I think you rock!!! :)

  2. Looking forward to checking out your blog! And I'm totally jealous that you held Simba!!!!

  3. Love the lion pic! A few weeks ago we got to pet lion cubs...My friend dove right in and played with them, but he got scratches and bites all over his arms. He said he wants to get them tattooed on his arm permanently, haha!


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