Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars Running Commentary

Oscar night is one of my favorite nights of the year. Last night we had a few friends over for the occasion. Our cast of characters included Aaron and me, and our neighbors Colin & Amy, Dru & Jeannie, and Michelle. Here's what happened:

Colin made Oscar-inspired snacks. Don't worry, that's powdered sugar!

We all love Ellen, but we're not loving this outfit. It's kinda looking like tuxedo overalls. Unfortunate.

Oh, June Squibb looks great. Stunning color.

"Barkhad Abdi is from Somalia, he's a sommelier... Who's the wine captain now?"

"With all the gowns ... Meryl Streep can't afford to be nominated anymore." Except that usually she looks like she grabbed something out of her closet. (To be fair, I thought Meryl looked great last night.)

What's in Jared Leto's crotch?

Here comes Anne Hathaway to present to Jared Leto. She looks lovely - black and bling. Can you imagine if he had NOT won?

OMG Jared's tribute to his mom (who is beautiful, BTW), so sweet... but you're gonna have to wrap it up now.

Pharrell is singing "Happy." Amy: "I've never heard this song in my life." The rest of us: "you heard it (and danced to it) at least 4 times Friday night."

Kim Novak - oh dear. Unfortunate look and incoherent.

Well done, Emma Watson and I agree with Twitterland: you and Joseph Gordon-Levitt would make a great couple!

Oh Zac Efron, figure out your teleprompter.

Kerry Washington totally wants pizza but I'm not buying that Calista Flockhart does.

I haven't seen 20 Feet From Stardom, and I'm not sorry it won, but Darlene Love, you're being such a diva.

While talking about Anna Kendrick... Me to Michelle: "what do you mean you've never seen Pitch Perfect?" Dru: "We might need to have a Gwentervention."

Thank you for the costume change, Ellen.

Selfie! I totally love that Lupita's brother got in on that. And just in case you haven't seen it:

What's on Michael B Jordan's collar? Kristen Bell looks fab. Can't wait for Veronica Mars.

Why can no one read their lines? And what's up with the camera work?

I loved all the supporting actress nominees but I was totally pulling for Lupita. She looks like a princess but I'm on the fence about the headband.


So obviously I should have picked Gravity for all the technical awards but I tried to spread the wealth.

Even without water or being suspended high above the crowd, Pink nails it (love the ruby red dress) but I wish she didn't need to take breaths in the middle of words.

Latest check of our ballots: I have 10 correct, Aaron has 11. Aaron says "Post THAT, bitch."

I'm sorry. I like Bette and she looks great, but I don't understand the point of having the song after the tribute. Waste. Of. Time. Aaron told me to start a Twitter campaign for them to abort the song.

John Travolta what the HELL did you just say? Did you not show up for rehearsal?

I just found out Taye and Idina are separated. That makes me sad.

Ellen's passing the hat.

No way, I loved Anna's dress, especially the back of it.

DDL! Aaron: "What did he win for?" Dru: "Whatever he was in."

Again, all of these actors were fantastic. Happy for Matt!

Our ballot leaders going into the final award - Dru 14, Aaron 14, Gwen 15. If Gravity wins, Aaron and I will tie.

And Gwen wins! I mean, 12 Years a Slave wins! And for what it's worth, I correctly predicted all of the Big Six awards.

Overall, I pretty much always love the show. And I adore Ellen, but there were some awkward moments and I blame the production for a lot of them.

My best dressed include Cate, Lupita (once she was holding that statue, the headband worked), Sandy, Gabourey Sidibe (loved that color) and my most favorite, Charlize. She just oozed Hollywood glamour.

Some of my worst dressed:

My best dressed men: Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey (although I wasn't a fan of Camilla's dress), Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt.

And my best dressed couple, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum:

That does it for this year!


  1. Love! I was thinking of doing an Oscar recap, but I figured the blogosphere would be full of them anyway. I kinda am crushing on Aaron for his "post THAT, bitch!" Hilarious.

    Jared Leto for the win. I was totally hating the cream jacket on Ryan Seacrest, but once I saw Jared, I was swooning. The man doesnt age. Seriously. And after seeing his mother, I'm guessing he's never going to! She's stunning!
    I read about Taye and Idina a few weeks ago. And seeing her without a ring made me sadsies. I loved them together.
    Charlize wins best dressed, hands down. And it's not just because we have the same birthday and were once bald headed twinsies. Nope, not at all.

  2. Ooh, I have to disagree on Charlize... that dress would have been 1000X better if the straps had not been invisible. It took serious brain-power for me to figure out what was going on there.

    Sandra, on the other hand, looked stunning. The woman is just gorgeous and elegant and I adore her.

    I want Jared Leto to cut his hair.

  3. I also thought Sandra's dress was fab. And how did you not include Whoopi in worst dressed? O.M.G.

  4. haha i love this! but i did like angie's dress. so happy Matt won!

  5. Jared speech was my highlight! snif! snif!

  6. Lovely recap! First time in years I stayed up for the entire show. Loved it. Bette looked great- she's 68!, but could have been singing during the tribute. Goldie Hawn, Kim Novak, and Liza- JMJ- not good in my book.
    Agree with most of your fashion picks, too. Agree on the iffy reading of the teleprompter by some of the presenters. Love Ellen- she is a beauty inside and out and thoroughly enjoyed Twitter, especially toward the end. I am very happy for 12 yrs. I am so extremely sad that all of that really happened. Just everyone live by the Golden Rule.
    Love, Steph's momma

  7. Love the re-cap…so right about Bette, love the voice but either during the tribute or not at all. Also, do we really need the quick edits of action clips and famous lines, I would rather see them bring back the accountants than drag these packaged clips out and when will they stop the tired script describing what the category is about, by now we all know what the cinematographer and the scriptwriter do and if not, no one cares. You are right about the production value, looked like rehearsal was an after thought, they need that guy who directs the First Community Church shows to do the Oscars!!

  8. Is Pharrel wearing fucking shorts?

    Of course I miss the best show in years.


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