Friday, March 21, 2014

Where, oh where has my mojo gone?

Dude, the creative juices have just not been flowing this week. But I didn't want y'all to think I fell off the face of the earth so I'm here with some of my favorite things from this week, and with any luck I'll be back to my witty and charming self next week.

Those aren't my real nails. I went back to acrylic because my nails weren't cooperating and they kept splitting. I love this color; I think it's OPI "Dining Al Frisco." I'm desperately seeking spring, and so are my cats.

"Mama, we want to sun ourselves on the screened porch!"
They don't understand how deceiving that sun is.

Odd search term of the week: “trimming cute gila monster nails.”

I'm totally intrigued by the missing airplane. I like to fantasize that at least some of the passengers and crew are alive on an island somewhere...

I haven't bought Girl Scout cookies in a long time, but I love this coffee creamer.

It's March Madness! I don't really have a horse in this race but I do enjoy this time of year. I'm going for a three-peat as champion of our neighborhood bracket challenge. Go, Arizona!

And finally, I'm totally obsessed by the song "Pompeii" by Bastille, and yesterday I was introduced to this a capella cover. Love it!

 photo FFaves_zps6c1a013e.png


  1. Love that your nail colour and door match! So colour coordinated!!! :)

  2. I ove the nails. I'm staring at my scraggly nails, and now I feel the need for a nice manicure. The color is beautiful and bright!

    I've been glued to CNN since late last week. The families are breaking my heart, I cannot imagine what they are going through. Part of me wants to not lose any faith in humanity, and hopes there was some type of electrical fire and the pilots steered it towards the nearest airport but the plane depressurized (is that a word?) but if it was hijacked, there's a small inkling of hope the passengers are still alive. 2 weeks and nothing. No closer to an answer. Freaky shit.

  3. Oh girl- I've been having a creative slump too. But LOVE those nails and I really seriously hope that spring will arrive sooner than later! Silly Ohio doesn't seem to realize it's almost April.

  4. Let your mojo enjoy its vacation. It'll come back!

    The plane is totally on the island with Locke.

  5. Girl scout cookie coffee creamer YUMMMM!!! :) your nails are a crazy fun color!!

    I love Lost!!! I wish we'd all know what happened to this missing airplane! :/


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