Monday, March 17, 2014

A Fantabulous Free Weekend Windup

The only thing better than a weekend with no plans is a no-plan weekend that turns into a fun and fabulous weekend complete with friends and family.

Obligatory cat photos coming up. When I came home from running errands I found this:

And it turned into this:

Aaron said "I think they're best friends."

We went to our corner bar, Little Rock, for happy hour. The stars had aligned and a bunch of our neighbors were also there. Then there was live karaoke with keyboards and drums. Needless to say, happy "hour" became many hours. Such a fun night!

My mom came over and we went to brunch at The Crest. I can't say enough about how delicious it was, and as an added bonus, I saw Alexis from Hummusapien (we had met last month at a Columbus Bloggers Brunch).

Clockwise from top right: we shared the honey-glazed goat cheese balls (amazing is not an understatement); I had the breakfast burrito with potatoes (the highest compliment I can give is that I didn't even put salt on these, they were that tasty); Mom had the coconut quinoa porridge with fresh fruit (yummmm). Not pictured: bloody Marys, also delicious, especially when doctored up with their housemade hot sauce.

Then Mom said, "let's go to that store where you buy all your clothes." OK, you don't have to ask me twice but this could be dangerous. And it was, but it was also super fun. I walked out of Cheesecake with three dresses, two tops and a pair of pants (two items pictured below). Now if only the weather would cooperate!

Aaron and a few guys from the 'hood, who are all running the half-marathon in May, decided to do a six-mile run combined with a pub crawl. One stop apparently included an encounter with a taxidermied bobcat (WTF?). While they were out, Amy and I took advantage of the sunshine and hung out on the screened porch, then met up with them at their last stop, Little Rock.

I had to sing a solo at the 8:30 service. Aaron went with me and our neighbor Michelle was there so the three of us went out for breakfast and then we sang for the 11:00 service. The afternoon was a lazy one and then I made dinner (chicken tagine, couscous and roasted asparagus).

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Happy St. Paddy's to those who celebrate it!


  1. i always love it when my mom takes me shopping. that's the best! that food looks divine.

  2. Great weekend! Love that you can walk to a corner bar and love it more that good people were there to share the time with you!!! Nice shopping spree, too. AMEN, on the weather, snow clearing AGAIN for me today and a husband with flu-like symptoms!! #chickensouponthestovealready #eringobraugh
    love, Steph's momma

  3. Hurrah for a Cheesecake outing and a no plans weekend that turned awesome.

  4. I feel like happy hour is usually never just one hour - but who cares if it's happy???

  5. Happy Hour that turns into multiple hours is always the best! :) Glad you had a plans free weekend to do what you wanted. ALL that brunch food looks so so delicious!!

  6. Visiting from the linkup -- that porridge looks amazing!

  7. The cat pictures are making my night!!! ;)

  8. Man, I wish my mom would take me shopping. Kicl ass, and I love t h e striped dress. You know I love me some balls....goat cheese balls sound amazing. I just want to snuggle those kitties!

  9. First, I love the pics of your cats! Second, I had no idea you were in Columbus. Third, now I MUST try The Crest. Maybe this weekend - looks amazing!


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