Friday, March 14, 2014

They Say It's Your Birthday

No, it's not already time for MY birthday but quite a few friends of mine are celebrating birthdays this weekend, three of them today.

Our friend Ken turns 50 today. His wife Robin organized a different kind of surprise party for him. She asked all his friends to perform a random act of kindness in his honor and then post it on his Facebook page or Twitter or Instagram. She was hoping for 50 random acts and that number was surpassed!

My college friend Michelle a/k/a Mickey was not only my grand-big in our sorority (Gamma Phi Beta) but we were also in choir together and worked in the English department together. She lives clear across the country so we haven't seen each other in years, but we were reunited through the magic of Facebook. Here we are on choir tour during spring break, 1987.

I met my friend Mandy because I sing with her mom. Their whole family is like my second family and I love them all. Mandy is a therapist for kids, which I admire so much. In 2004, Mandy and her now-husband Keith and Aaron and I went to New Orleans for a long weekend, which is when this picture was taken. (Mandy, don't worry, this was on Day One!)

On Monday our niece Julia turns nine! Yes, she's a St. Patrick's baby. She has become such a sweet, caring, smart, creative girl. This is one of my favorite pictures when she was just 3 1/2.

Tomorrow is Steph's birthday. Many of you know her from Life According to Steph (and if you haven't already, go over there and check out her surprise of blogger birthday sentiments, including mine). Last year I devoted a post to her, you can read that here and see lots of pictures of us in various bars and on the beach at her wedding.

That's right, Steph and aren't just showbiz bloggy friends, we're for real friends. Steph's the kind of friend you want on your side through thick and thin. She also pays attention. One year for my birthday she made a mix CD that included my favorite songs as well as some of her favorite songs. That CD introduced me to this version of the song "One."

And here we are last November when I went to Philly to visit her.

Happy Birthday weekend to all these fabulous people!

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  1. Yay! Thank you!

    Happy birthday fellow March babies! I really love the Random Acts of Kindness and I want to make that happen for someone. Maybe MFD's birthday?

  2. Happy birthday everyone! If you rate with Gwen, you rate with me.

  3. Yes, Random Acts of Kindness in the birthday person's honor is a Winner!
    Love the personalized CD's. I have many and I love them so much.
    Happy birthday to all of your people!
    Love, Steph's Momma

  4. That random acts of kindness thing is pure genius.

    Happy Birthday to all!

  5. Celebrating friends birthdays are always fun! Happy Birthday to them!
    Thanks for linking up with me today!

  6. H ppt HaPPY birthday to all those fabulous people in your life!! Love you and SMD!

    That version of "One" gives me chills...


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