Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend of Birthdays

Let's just say the fountain coke is my BFF today. Oof.

Friday night Aaron played poker with some of the neighborhood guys. I met some friends at the corner bar to hear live music. I have no pictures. My phone was dead, but let's be honest, I probably wouldn't have any pictures anyway.

Saturday we hosted a surprise birthday party for our friend Bo. We really did pull off the surprise and it was a great time, ending with a garage dance party.

Aaron sang at church Sunday morning. I didn't move a whole lot all day, but I did do my nails:

Sunday evening we celebrated our neighbor Martin's birthday. Martin & Christin and Colin & Amy are next-door neighbors and we utilized both backyards. Colin & Amy just had a big redo of their backyard. It looks amazing.

Bottom Right: They had a large tree that needed to be removed last winter. The landscape designer (who also happens to live in the neighborhood) turned it into a table by using part of a wire spool for the top. So cool.

The night was made even more perfect when Martin's band treated us to a concert of originals and covers.

It was a fabulous weekend. And now I'd like to recover.

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  1. Garage dance parties :) Love it. I also love throwing surprise parties when the surprise works! Happy Monday.

  2. I like how you guys put up pictures of your friend and made it into the number 50! What a personal touch! Glad you had an eventful weekend. :)

    Améliorer la Vie

  3. I love a good surprise party- and DUH, dance parties as well! That looks like a blast-- there is SO much wine! Why wasn't I there?!? ;) Your nails look awesome!

  4. WOW! Party weekend! It looks like fun and your nails are fantastic!

  5. Partay!!!! You go, Gwen Coco! That table.... LOVE!! The nails... LOVE! That outdoor space... LOVE!


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