Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You want me to put my hair in a tornado?

Before I share my latest brilliant mind-numbing thoughts, you should check out my appearance on Insert Classy Here. Steph G (I have to use the G so y'all don't confuse her with my other Steph) asked me to answer which songs I would choose in various categories and we now have a new playlist that's eclectic and fun. Plus Steph G has a fab blog, including a weekly link-up about gratitude, and who couldn't use some of that?

OK, so last night I could NOT fall asleep. I should have just gotten up and done something productive but of course I did not. Instead I watched Pitch Perfect for roughly the 7th time (Fat Amy rocks) and a few Criminal Minds episodes on Ion Television. I love that channel because it has marathons of some of my favorite dearly departed crime dramas like Cold Case and Without a Trace.

While drooling over Derek Morgan and wondering just how many pairs of funky glasses Garcia owns, I saw this commercial:

A-ca-scuse me?! I thought it was a joke. "Just like a cotton candy machine, air curler spins your hair..." Huh? Who the hell wants to put their hair in a cotton candy machine? The cheap attachment actually reminds me of a popcorn air popper. This thing is just bizarre. Now, I have curly hair so I wouldn't be drawn to it anyway but I hope that none of you straight-haired ladies out there are so desperate for curls that you'd put your hair in a bladeless blender.

Until next time, you'll find me napping at my desk drinking pitchers of coffee.


  1. When I first saw that I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

  2. Alright, I cant lie, I was totally fascinated by that contraption. But maybe thats because I only have 3/4 inch of hair on my head! Lol

    I started following Steph G last week. I really like her blog!

  3. hahahaa OMG! What in the world is that?!? I would be terrified it would rip my hair straight out!!

  4. haha what in the hell?! weird.

    also i couldn't sleep last night either. WEIRD.

  5. I think my hair is juuuuuust long enough that this thing would pull it right out by the roots.

  6. Is it bad that I kind of want to try it??? it will probably end up being my next boozy online purchase. Don't worry, I'll post a video and I hope that your comment reads "a-ca-scuse me" and nothing else.

  7. There is no way I'd ever put something like that anywhere near my head - CRAZY!

  8. The hair tornado is one of the strangest, most fascinating things I have ever seen. I want to try it as long as someone else buys it just because. But I do really like my hair so there's that.


    Fat Amy is the best. The. Best.


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