Monday, July 1, 2013

ComFest Wrap-up

The weekend was filled with ComFest (Community Festival). This is a fun weekend of eating, drinking, shopping local vendors, listening to local music and being filled with the spirit of community. AND it's held at Goodale Park, which is less than a mile from our house. We have a tradition of hosting brunch on Saturday.

Friday I got home from work to find that Aaron had done just about everything that could be done (he rocks). I did run to the store and then made bubble bread/monkey bread/whatever-you-might-call-it. I used Pioneer Woman's friend Pastor Ryan's recipe because my mom's recipe calls for frozen bread dough that then needs to thaw and I just didn't have time for that. This one uses canned biscuits, which is much faster but word to the wise: do NOT buy the "Grands." Or if you do, don't use 3 cans or your bread will spill over and you'll have caramelly goodness wasted on the floor of the oven. They still tasted good, but didn't quite get done all the way through.

Saturday morning was brunch and the weather cooperated nicely. I was a loser at taking pictures.

Aaron made grilled flank steak sandwiches, pesto pasta, home fries and fruit salad.
The token children at the party kept busy chasing our cats and watching a movie (while the gecko looks over them).

Later that night people hung out on our porch. I (being a loser again) had hardly eaten all day and ended up going to bed at 8:30 while some dance party was going on. Here's what it looked like the morning after:

Sunday I did a little Target shopping in the morning, then we hit ComFest from after noon until closing time at 8:00.

The Redbuds playing at ComFest! I know the two on the left from Symphony Chorus. They did a great job!

1. Aaron sporting his new Scrabble Chick necklace that says "NO H8."
2. We had some sprinkles, but Mike was prepared with his Estee Lauder American flag umbrella.
3. Had to get some festival fries.

Whew! Busy, fun weekend. I hope you all had a fantastic one, too.

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends and family, including my cousin and my uncle!

And I canNOT forget to give a shout out to the Pittsburgh Pirates, who currently have the best record in all of baseball. I sported the black and gold on Saturday. Go Bucs! (and I don't mean Buckeyes) Being married to a Reds fan, I'm taking full advantage of this as long as I can.

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  1. this community fest sounds awesome!!! and the pirates have the best record in baseball?! wow

  2. Comfest rocks, as usual. I love Aaron's necklace!

  3. I love the Pirates stadium and I'm super jealous of ComFest. My friend graduated from Ohio State and she still talks about ComFest. Looks like it was a blast.

  4. I think Steve and I need to move to your neighborhood. Our neighbors embrace our childless-ness, but we certainly dont have nearly as much fun as you guys seem to have! I was laughing my ass off at your
    "empties" photo on Sunday. Now that is an indicator of a good time.

    Aaron's necklace = Amazeballs`

  5. Everyone I KNOW goes to Comfest haha, but I've never been. I really need to visit Cbus more often I think ;)

    And sorry- but BOO PIRATES!!


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