Monday, November 23, 2015

Two twenty-one year-olds and a first grader

That's how old I am today. And I suppose depending on the first grader, you might not know exactly how old that is: I'm 48. It's funny how that age seemed so old at one time, and now it doesn't seem old at all.

First official photo. Resting bitch face, squinty eye
and possible gang symbol in full force.

We had a great weekend, full of friends but not photos. Friday night we had date night at one of our favorite restaurants, Trattoria Roma. We were there nearly three hours and it was as fabulous as ever.

Saturday was spent watching football with friends. Both of our teams lost, but it was a fun day nonetheless.

Sunday was church, rehearsal, lunch, baby shower and drinks with friends.

Just to make this post worth your while, here's another awesome baby picture:


  1. Happy birthday, Gwen! Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Enjoy the rest of your birthday week too!

  2. I'm so late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you are still celebrating all the way through the end of the year :)


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