Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Once again, I'm borrowing from Steph for Thursday Thoughts and just like last time, she didn't do them today. Ah, well...

I’m late posting because we currently don't have internet at home. There are houses under construction next to us and last week the builders cut our cable. For TV watching, that's OK because we have satellite (believe me, if I were without TV you'd hear me yelling no matter how far away you are). However, it does affect our internet service, and it seems that now the earliest it will be fixed is next Gwensday. This seriously blows. So I've had to go to the office to work instead of being able to work from home, and blogging gets squeezed in as time allows.

I saw this meme awhile ago and sent it to Aaron. The note says "I've already fed him, don't fall for his bullshit." Our cats pull this all the time and last night they totally punked me. I started to feed them and Aaron stopped me just in time because he had already fed them. Bastards.

I can’t believe I'm about to talk about Justin Bieber, but his song "What Do You Mean" is all over pop radio. Does anyone else think this is date rape about to happen? "What do you mean / when you nod your head yes / but you wanna say no..." Memo to the Biebs: No means no.

Damn you, Days of Our Lives, for sucking me back into your vortex. I had heard that Peter Reckell (Bo Brady, for those who don't know) was coming back to the show and I tuned in one day and now I'm hooked again. #boandhope4ever My new obsession probably won't last long because ... well, if you could see everything on my DVR just waiting for me to watch it ... But in the meantime I need to find out if Abigail escapes from Ben and has her baby. Don't judge.

Do you watch The Voice? If not, may I suggest you watch this video from Monday night's show. This guy Jordan is amazing and his performance is so moving. After last week's events in Paris and all the hatred being spewed on social media, I really needed this.

I can't really follow that.


  1. LOLOL I always do the Currently post on the third Thursday I think. That's probably why our timing is off.

    My dogs are always trying to act like they didn't eat. LYING LIARS WHO LIE.

  2. Haha! Our cats pull the same stunts! We were without internet for two days because of a storm and I was dying! I loved Days as a teen. I'm sure I'd get sucked back in if I started again!!

  3. Ugh Justin Bieber is the worst, I heard someone call him the prince of pop the other day and felt sick. Who nominated him that??


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