Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Trio of Books

I contemplated skipping this month's book post as I only have three books to talk about, but (obviously) I decided to go ahead and do it. Plus, I'm likely to forget these if I wait another month and I certainly won't be writing blog posts ahead of time!

Life According to Steph

This month Steph and Jana are giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and a $25 donation to Project Night Night, which provides homeless children with a security blanket, a book and a stuffed animal. I'd not heard of this organization, but I absolutely love this idea.

On to the books:

Burning Down George Orwell's House by Andrew Ervin - I read this for my real-life book club. It's about a guy from Chicago who is burnt out on life and work and decides to go off the grid so he travels to Scotland and rents the house in which George Orwell wrote 1984 (this guy is obsessed with 1984).  The book itself was good, but I don't know how great it was for a book club read. There wasn't a lot to talk about. My friend Lisa and I usually walk to book club together and talk nonstop about the books before we even get there, and this time neither of us said anything about it. But it was still entertaining and I gave it 3 stars.

The Truth About Him by Molly O'Keefe - This is the sequel to Everything I Left Unsaid, which I talked about last month. I downloaded this book almost as soon as it was released because of the cliffhanger in the first book. I'm still giving this one 3 stars, but it was kind of all over the place. I couldn't really get on board with the "dangerous situation" this time around.  Still lots of steamy sex, and also more of the standard "he/she deserves better than me," which gets pretty annoying. But Annie and Dylan's story finishes up, and apparently there's going to be a third book which focuses on a couple of minor characters whom we met in the first two books.

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty (audiobook) - This one gets 4 stars. I listened to the majority of this while driving back and forth to Pennsylvania around Thanksgiving. The road trips themselves didn't get me through the whole book, so I was listening to bits and pieces until last Friday when I couldn't stop listening until it was over. It's not hard to figure out the "secret," and it's revealed fairly early on, so there are parts in the middle that didn't seem necessary, but the ending was quite unexpected. I very much enjoyed the reader; she did a good job of varying her voice for the characters.


  1. I still have to read Everything I Left Unsaid, it is my next book. Stinks the second book wasn't great, that one is on my list too.

  2. Sounds like I'm going to have to give in and read some Liane Moriarty soon!

  3. I enjoyed Big Little Lies and keep saying I need to pick up another Moriarty book. I haven't...but I will. Who cares if it's three books. That's three more books that have been read in the world! Hooray!

  4. Oh I hate the he/she deserves better than me. So annoying.

  5. The George Orwell book sounds interesting.

    I found The Husband's Secret a good enough read but it didn't blow me away. I do like Moriarty as an author, even if her books are pretty much identical. Except Big Little Lies. That was a bit different. I'm curious to know what HBO is going to do with it.

  6. We read The Husband's Secret for book club a few months ago. It's not my favorite book, but it does make you think!

  7. I felt the same way about The Husband's Secret. Actually, all of her books seem to drag in the middle.


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