Monday, June 16, 2014

Where's Flat Gila when you need her?

Y'all have heard about Flat Stanley, right? You take a drawing of a person and send it to friends and family and they take pictures of it on various adventures. Well, on Saturday there was an Ohio Bloggers meetup here in Columbus. It was literally (and I do mean literally) 2 miles from my house, but it was too soon for me to make a social appearance. Way too late, I thought I should have sent a Flat Gila!

I was super happy to see all the pictures on Instagram, but sad too, because I couldn't be there. The event was hosted by Shane and Holly. I've been fortunate to have met Holly once before. Some of my other favorite bloggers were also there, including Erin, Kayla, Margaret, Vanessa and Whitney. If I were proficient at all in photo-shopping I'd insert my face in some of their pictures. Ah well, there will be another chance, I'm sure.

More gorgeous flowers!

My weekend was full of a combo of rest and visitors. I got to spend some time out on the porch, and I've watched a lot of TV and movies (that's enough for its own blog post).

Steph sent me some new pleasures!

Tomorrow I see the plastic surgeon again and should get these last drains removed. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. We def missed you, but I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm thinking there are going to be more Ohio Blogger meet ups this year. Good luck at the Dr. Tomorrow!

  2. I'm sad you couldn't go but there will definitely be another one I'm sure.

    Fingers crossed for the last drains to come out tomorrow.

  3. No more drains! :) I'm excited to hear about what you've been watching. :)

  4. Sending over a Flat Gila would have been really funny! I also was unable to attend since that is the day that I started my move. I hope that you get to go the next time there is another meet up!

  5. I'm sorry you couldn't go to the meet up, I know it must have been disappointing to miss out. You were there in spirit no doubt!

    Heres to no more drains!!! Hope they do come out, fingers and toes crossed


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