Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My dad's still watching over me

If you're a morning reader of blogs, as you read this I'm at the plastic surgeon's office getting drains removed and whatnot. Look for that update tomorrow.

Yesterday a lot of bloggers wrote about their dads, but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself because I missed out on a blogger gathering (and a birthday party for one of my favorite little guys - Happy 3rd Birthday, George!). My dad died 2 1/2 years ago and to be honest, my family just doesn't do much for Mother's or Father's Day. But I do have a little story to share.

Obligatory pic of my dad and me, 1991.

Two weeks ago today, my mom was driving me to the hospital for surgery (Aaron drove separately). She said that she could smell tobacco in her car. Now, my dad was a smoker, mostly a pipe, but there's absolutely no reason that her car should have smelled like tobacco. She bought the car after he died.

So thanks Dad, for looking out for me.

And now......I got this in the mail yesterday:

One of my BFFs in blogging and in life, Steph, had this tumbler made for me. You guys, I love it so much I can't even tell you. Steph's friend has a business called Elderberry Designs where you can order all kinds of personalized stuff. You can find Elderberry Designs on Facebook and there's an Etsy shop as well.

When Aaron saw it he said "you have some pretty great friends."

Yes. Yes, I do.


  1. I got chills, your Dad was totally there!

    I knew you had to have the cup, only wish it was in leopard print! Love you.

  2. Oh I love that little story! He was totally there! That is a gorgeous picture of you and your dad (and you made a beautiful bride!)

  3. Your dad is always with you. Little signs like that are always reassuring though. Hope the Dr. went well today!

  4. I love signs like that from loved ones who have passed on... they give me chills! Steph is the freakin' best, that cup is amazing! Hope the dr goes well!!

  5. Ahh your dad was with you, I love stories like this.

    Steph rocks, that cup is perfect!

  6. Your dad was absolutely with you. I dreamed during my cancer surgery that my grandfather hung out at the Houston Galleria with me. No one will ever be able to convince me that he didn't.

    Excellent tumbler!

  7. Love those signs...so so sweet, and that picture of you and your Dad? The sweetest :) :)


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