Friday, April 4, 2014

Trying to snap out of a bad mood

Fair warning: I am in a mood today. This has been an excruciatingly long week, it's raining for the third straight day, I feel like crap with a sore throat/cold, and I'm dealing with hot flashes. Why, you ask? Because one of the "bonuses" of breast cancer is that I had to stop taking hormones. I should probably back up for those of you who don't know me that well.

A couple years ago I had a total hysterectomy. I was only 44 at the time (I love to be able to say "only" 44) and my doctor put me on hormones so I wouldn't be plunged into menopause. Everything went swimmingly; I didn't have to adjust the meds at all. It was fab. But now I can't take them anymore. I stopped about two weeks ago and it would seem that the hot flashes have arrived. Cripes.

I have a much more lighthearted post going on today over at Life According to Steph, plus Steph and I have a giveaway right now so check it out! Unless you're Aaron... My post is about five ways I'm the "man" in our relationship but now I fear that it looks like I'm making fun of him. I mean, I am, but I was also trying to make fun of me. Oh well, I need to stop second-guessing myself. Told ya I was in a mood.

In looking for things to turn that frown upside down (ew, gross) I took a peek at my blog stats. I get a good laugh sometimes over the search terms people use that lead them to my blog. Observe:

I have no clue about the "bad period ecard" - I'm pretty sure I've never posted anything like that. The "flashback Easter dress" probably led to this post, in which I shared lots of old pictures of me, and some are even kinda cute.

But "gin swigging sister in law e cards?" I have three sisters-in-law and while they're not teetotalers, I don't know that any of them are "gin swigging," nor do I even want to think about why anyone typed in that search term. How bizarre!

And then... a couple friends shared this on Facebook and I absolutely love it. I hadn't heard about this, but apparently a few weeks ago Honey Maid (you know, the graham cracker folks) released an ad called "This Is Wholesome," celebrating families of all kinds, including multi-racial and gay parents. Naturally they received both positive and negative responses. Look at what they did with those responses:


  1. Boo for bad moods! I think your post on Steph's blog was fine, it made fun of both you and Aaron but wasn't seriously insulting to either of you. It's like a roast blog style. :)

  2. Oh I love the Honey Maid video! Their graham crackers hold special memories for me- my grandparents and I used to have them with peanut butter for our lunch! We are all God's children is my message to the negativity of those people. And Gwen, so not good that you are dealing with the breast situation, the hormones, etc.! Reprogramming your cells to perfection. Feel free to vent anytime. Love all of your blogs!!! And the song High Hopes just popped into my head. Maybe you should sing it! #uplifting
    Love Steph's momma

  3. You're entitled to be in a bad mood! But the positive is at least it's on a Friday! So hopefully the weekend cures your woes :)

    Lol and it never ceases to amaze me what people search for and how they find blogs!

  4. I hate being in a mood.

    I don't think your post made fun of Aaron at all.

  5. I feel like I remember reading this post, but it's still coming up on my bloglovin as unread. Blasphemy. Well, now that this post is a week old, and I've you post pics of delicious beer in Denver, I hope your frown has turned upside down. Love you! <3

  6. I hope you are feeling better! I tend to always get in a mood when the weather is crappy like it was last week. And I loved your post on Steph's blog!


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