Thursday, April 3, 2014

This Thursday's Whatnot

First, thanks again for all the well wishes! I'm healing nicely from last week's boob tissue removal. I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon in a couple weeks so we'll know more at that point. Luckily, next week I have a trip to Denver which will hopefully keep me distracted. Also, the mystery gifter of pralines has revealed herself - it was my friend and former co-worker Kendra! Phew, now I can enjoy that buttery, sugary goodness while knowing from whence it came. You know, not that I didn't enjoy them before...

As my friend Jimmy Fallon says, "here's what people are talking about." And by people, I mean the voices in my head.

I'm guessing by now you've heard about the Road Rage Karma video, in which a woman in Florida used her phone to video a dude who was tailgating her. After the guy flipped her off, he lost control of his car and spun across the road and hit a light pole. Look, I hate road rage as much as the next guy but lady, what the HELL are you thinking, taking videos on your phone while driving?! Turns out, she didn't even get cited for it. Um OK, lucky her, but seriously kids, don't try this at home.

I seriously shit the bed on my Lenten challenges. I mean, I have a pretty good reason but I really need to rethink these in the future. It seems like something always happens to screw me up. I'm not making excuses, I just need to not commit to such things publicly. That way when I fail, no one needs to know about it. I do still want to try to get rid of a bag a day ... someday.

Yesterday I managed to venture outside to walk to the post office. On my way a cat ran across the road and ran under a big ole SUV (which was in motion at the time). I managed to see the cat walking safely between two houses so I was relieved that it was OK. And then, the driver of said SUV drove around the block and stopped to ask me what it was that he may have hit and was the animal OK. Hooray for humanity!

Raise your hand if as a child you were obsessed with the Little House on the Prairie books. Please picture my hand firmly raised in the air. I owned the box set of books and read them over and over. (I know that those books moved with us to this house but I'm not sure if they survived Aaron's purging.) Anyway, Jana at The Townhouse Pioneer is hosting a Little House Book Club. It's super low-pressure; basically we're just reading one of the books per month. AND if you go here in the next three days, you can enter to win a complete set of books!

Speaking of giveaways, I'm participating in one with my sister-from-another-mister Steph. It's a stress relief package from Bath & Body Works, and includes hand soap, smoothing scrub, body wash, body cream, and a three-wick candle all in eucalyptus spearmint from the Aromatherapy line. As a recovering tax accountant, this time of year used to be super stressful for me, but who can't use some stress relief? I'm not savvy enough to include the giveaway entries myself, but if you go here, you can enter! And speaking of Steph, tomorrow I'm guest posting on her blog and you won't want to miss that.


  1. In LOVE with Little House on the Prairie. We had a box set- and half the books were literally taped together because my mom and I read them so often!!

  2. I've kept with my 3x/week exercise but have not been successful with the 40/40 except for one week. Poop.

    Super jazzed for the Little House reads.

  3. That lady with her phone video, just no. Not only that she acted all innocent like she was being a safe driver but when the guy wrecks you can hear her celebrating and see her turning around to keep filming. Not safe lady!

    I really hope I win the Little House books AND the stress relief package, it would be like Christmas in Spring!

  4. I'm so glad the little cat was okay!! That stuff always scares the crap out of me! Hahaha I love that e-card.

  5. I already started reading "Little House in the Big Woods" sure does bring back some memories!!

  6. glad to hear you're healing well, keep us updated! you got this.

  7. so so so happy to hear things are looking up and that you get to take a little trip!! loved your post on steph's blog!


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