Thursday, November 29, 2012

Restaurant Stop #3 - Cup o Joe

I have to confess that Cup o Joe is the one place on our list that we will visit more than once. That happens on Sunday mornings when we don't get coffee made at home so we swing by here on our way to church. We decided to allow this caveat only because we get the coffee to go. But now we had arrived at the scheduled visit, so on a brisk Saturday morning, Aaron and I walked to Cup o Joe for some breakfast.

For those readers who aren't familiar, Cup o Joe is our local alternative to the "evil" Starbucks empire. They have eight locations in the Columbus area, including one at the airport where Aaron always gets pre-flight coffee. It is an offshoot of Stauf's Coffee Roasters, also local, and they partner with locally-owned suppliers for the bagels and sweets they sell.

Aaron ordered his usual 7:01 A.M., which is the coffee of the day plus a shot of espresso. I usually get an Almond Joy latte, but today I decided on a seasonal coffee, Pumpkin Spice, to which I added cream and cinnamon. I had an onion bagel with cream cheese, Aaron had a slice of roasted vegetable quiche, and we shared an apricot scone. I don't know where the scones come from, but they are delicious, and the apricot was a new flavor for us; we'll be getting it again for sure... when we can go back.

Obviously, this isn't one of the more exciting stops, but it's still a solid choice for a weekend breakfast, and their coffee rocks. This particular location is also connected to Mojoe Lounge, which is the next stop on our journey.

Stay Tuned,

The Gila

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