Monday, November 5, 2012

Raindrops on Roses

A little departure from the Restaurant Odyssey, I give you Gila's Favorite Things Vol. 1:

Our neighbors. Aaron and I moved to Italian Village five years ago, and we often say that move was the second best decision we ever made (after marrying each other). The neighborhood deserves a blog post of its own, and someday you'll get to read all about it.

Pre-Cancer Crawl 2012

Beach vacations. I love the sound of the water, the enormity of the sky and sea, the solitude of losing myself in a book with my toes in the sand, the tropical drinks.

Myrtle Beach, October 2012. Coming this weekend: Destin, FL!

Vindaloo. You probably know that Aaron is the cook at our house, but this is one of the few meals that I make. It's a spicy Indian stew-like dish that (in my circles) is now also known as "Gwendaloo." I freaking love this stuff.

It may not look appetizing to you, but it's my most favorite meal.

This guy:

Pretty Nails

The name of this color is (for real)
"Call me Gwen-ever." Also note the new ring
which is currently serving as my wedding ring.
I got this idea from In Style magazine and
recently did it in shades of brown.

Musicals. If you recognize the title of this post, you get it. When I was growing up, my mom had soundtrack albums as well as sheet music of Broadway musicals. On our recent road trip, Mom and I listened to two channels on her satellite car radio: college football and the Broadway channel. My high school produced a musical every year and I was involved in those. Next weekend I'm traveling to Pennsylvania to see this year's offering, Les Misérables.

Our cats, Bella, Gato and our newest addition Clover 
(formerly known as Mr. Handsome until we found out he is really a she).

Bella's "in the bag" and Gato looks like
he wants in there, too.
After four weeks, Clover finally feels
comfortable enough to get on the couch.

That's it for this episode. Stay tuned!

The Gila


  1. Love this. I need to do a new volume of my favorite things, it's been a while since I've done one!

    Awesome picture of Aaron, and I am still tickled that you have a nail polish of your very own.

    1. And I need to add that YOU are the one who alerted me to said nail polish. Thank you!

  2. My Favorite Things post is on deck for this month, too!

  3. This makes me wish I was at the beach, eating vindaloo and that I had fingernails.


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