Friday, February 6, 2015

Major Announcement!

We interrupt your regular blog reading for this important update.

Aaron has started his own business!

How cute is he?

Aaron has worked in the audio/video industry for 25 years and at long last we are proud to announce the beginning of Aaron Carmack Electronic Services (ACES). Of course, these days it's more than just stereos, speakers and TVs. Now it's about home automation: being able to control lighting, HVAC and security from your phone or iPad; opening and closing shades with a remote; even just taking five remote controls down to one. Aaron can help with all of that kick-ass stuff.

Personally, this means the end of the one-car family experiment. He needs a vehicle large enough to haul ladders and equipment. So this week we bought a used car (at Carmax, no less).

Lovin' the orange color!

Yesterday he launched his website and I'd love it if y'all would check it out: (note that it's .net, NOT .com). And obviously, if you're in need of his expertise, let him know. Because as I like to say "you gotta have a guy."


  1. That is so exciting!!!!!! Go him!!!! Congrats! Love that ride, too! ;)

  2. Congrats to Aaron on this new business venture! I think buying the car at Carmax is a sign youre going to have a successful business!


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