Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Frivolity

New year, new planner that I won't use. I have eternal optimism that I'll get my act together and actually use a planner for more than a week.

This year I went with the blogger-endorsed Erin Condren planner.

Look how cute it is!

Do y'all have the ION Television channel? It's my late-at-night-can't-sleep-due-to-snoring-husband-and/or-crowding-cats channel. They show reruns of some of my favorite crime dramas and they just started Cold Case from the beginning. I loved Lilly Rush and her band of homicide detectives solving open cases - some as old as 1919, some more recent. I miss that show.

I didn't share this next bit of news in my year-end post because I wasn't sure if it was public yet, but now it is and I can announce that our niece Jackie got engaged on Christmas! For those who aren't on my personal Facebook page, here's the family photo, including her fiancé Dameon (far left).

I haven't posted a karaoke playlist in a while, but rest assured, I'm still singing! Here's what I sang Tuesday night.

Karaoke 20150210 by Gwen Carmack on Grooveshark

Finally, Happy Birthday to my friend Amy. Aaron has three best friends from high school and fortunately all the wives are friends as well. I'm so happy that Amy and Mike now live here in Columbus (a mere 10-minute walk away)!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!


  1. HI, Gwen!!! Love the cover of your planner! And the e-card! Congrats to the engaged couple! OMG
    I love Love Runs Out! Love and lights and angels to you eternally! Happy VD!
    Love, SMD's Momma

  2. that's so exciting for your niece!!! Yay! Congrats to her and her fiancé :) I love your E.C. Planner!

  3. Congrats to your niece!

    I tried to watch Cold Case a few times. I remember liking it but always forgot that it was on. And I forget that ION is a channel. I should work on that.

  4. I didn't read the rest of your post because I was too excited! I have the same planner, with the Sara Bareilles quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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