Friday, May 23, 2014

Heart of Africa at the Columbus Zoo!

Yesterday was the opening of the Heart of Africa exhibit at the Columbus Zoo. Betty White was there for the ribbon cutting in the morning. I didn't get to see her because I went in the afternoon with my friends Michelle and Jeff.

Betty and Jack Hanna. This is the only picture in this post that I didn't take.
Source: Dispatch.

We had to walk past the polar bear exhibit to get to Africa. I love the back view of this dude sunning himself after a swim.

Heart of Africa includes a large open area for lions, giraffes, ostriches, gazelles, zebras and wildebeests.

My "old" friends might remember that I love the lions, so they get their own picture. Apparently there was some mating going on earlier in the day but we missed that.

More of the zoo:

We were also lucky enough to see some babies! The black and white colobus babies are only 3 weeks old (and apparently they're all white when they're little). And we saw the gorilla who is about a year old.

I hate the fence in there, but these guys were so adorable!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect and we got rockstar parking (because Michelle was driving, so of course we did). I hadn't been to the zoo in a long time and it was a great afternoon!


  1. Fabulous photos. I love sleeping animal photos. And of course animal babies.

  2. I just went to Columbus Zoo in April! Too bad I went a little too early and missed the new exhibit. I guess I'll just have to go again and check it out. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Such great pictures! I feel like they are always hiding at our zoos. What a fun place!

  4. That polar bear photo makes me so happy. I kind of wish Betty White was hunkered down in there with him, sprawled out and napping.


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