Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shit Aaron Says - the anniversary edition

Y'all will never believe this, but today is our 25th anniversary. Twenty. Five. Years.

This post will mostly be photos but I also have some gems from the mouth of Aaron, past and present.

After a dinner that included zero vegetables and while scooping some mint chocolate chip ice cream: "I needed to have something green."

When Aaron thinks he looks good, he makes sure others know it, too. For example, at my dad's calling hours he said to some friends, "Don't I look good?"

While walking into church one Sunday, out of nowhere: "you look good, too." Thanks, honey.

But then he'll say something like this: "You're the prettiest girl in the room."

And of course, there are those two words he said in September of 1990: "Marry me?"

I'd do it all over again. And yes, you look good, too.


  1. Love this and you guys so much! Happy anniversary!

  2. This is awesome and I love the mint chocolate chip comment. Happy anniversary!!!

  3. "You're the prettiest girl in the room".......awwww heart-melting moment. Happy Anniversary!


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