Friday, September 2, 2016

Thanks a lot, Facebook

For the most part, I like the "memories on this day" feature on Facebook. I don't generally share them, but I enjoy looking back on what was happening in different years.

Yesterday, September 1st, there were a couple memories that I could have done without. Apparently four years ago I wrote a blog post about missing my dad on the first college football Saturday after his death.

I love that tie. Aaron has it now.

One year ago I had changed my profile picture because it was the one year anniversary of my mom's death.

I certainly didn't need the reminder. I'll never forget that awful day two years ago. I still get that horrific pain that proves to me what heartbreak feels like.

In the interest of keeping it real, during my high school and college years, my mom and I locked horns more often than not. I can almost pinpoint when our relationship changed in 2006 after my dad had an extended hospital stay for a heart issue. We became much closer, and especially close once my dad got cancer and after his death. And while losing a parent is never easy, it's so different when (in my dad's case) there's an illness leading up to it versus the punch-in-the-gut sudden and unexpected death of my mom.

Today's Facebook memory was my post of two years ago letting people know what had happened. It was hard, but comforting, to read all the notes of sympathy.

For the past week I've been wearing my parents' wedding rings because I've had some estate-type business to deal with and it made me feel good wearing them. I think I'll continue to do that for a while.

And check out the nail polish. Is it purple? Green? Grey? Yes to all of those.

Peace Love & OPI
See also: squirrel!

But Facebook also lifted me up yesterday when a friend posted this:

I abhor the platitude "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," unless Kelly Clarkson is singing it, so this really made me laugh.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Love this - because what comes up in the memory feature is a crapshoot. Some days it brings a smile - others a tear - and then there are the days that have both. Wear those rings as long as you have to... the love from their original owners will comfort you... and they look cool too.

    Love, someone with lots of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a sick sense of humor!

  2. Love to you. I adore that you are wearing the rings.


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