Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Some Stuff I Read Since the Last Time I Wrote About Stuff I Read

It's embarrassing how much I've stalled on reading. I've started quite a few books but just haven't gotten into the rhythm. Someday...

Life According to Steph

I did manage to read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. If you are one of those people (like me) who doesn't jump on the hype train (see what I did there?) of a super popular book, I'm here to tell you that this book deserves every accolade it's received. There are three female narrators, one is more prominent than the other two, and that one is seriously flawed a hot mess. Not even a hot mess. She's just a mess. But I couldn't stop reading. It's the first time in a long time that a book has kept me up late at night.

I thought I'd get ahead of the game and read My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh. I first heard about it from Entertainment Weekly before it had even been released, so I jumped on it as soon as it was available. This one just didn't flip up my skirt. I read one review that described it as a riveting, suspenseful, page-turning mystery and that's what I was looking for, but the answer to the mystery was a total throwaway. There were some suspenseful moments, but mostly I found myself thinking "just get on with it already," especially during the extremely descriptive section on how the narrator's mother had a major crush on Robert Stack back in the day, which had nothing to do with anything. This is a debut novel, and I recognized the author's talent, but it just wasn't what I thought I was getting.

After that, I needed some good ole chick lit, so I started reading The One & Only by Emily Giffin. This may have been a mistake as it opens during the funeral of the main character's best friend's mother. And I've read a lot of bad reviews, but those seem to be mostly from people who don't like the football side of it, and I love football. I'm still reading it so I can't really give a review yet. Maybe next month...


  1. I loved the cadence, southern bent, and descriptive writing of My Sunshine Away. The actual whodunnit aspect of it was a dud.

    Totally agree on Train!

  2. I despised The One and Only, and not due to the football part. That actually helped me get through it.

    I have My Sunshine Away on my to-read list and I loved The Girl on the Train! I get into slow reading ruts, too. That was me last month, in fact.

  3. I hope Girl on Train lives up to the hype for me. I can't wait to read it.

  4. I really liked My Sunshine Away, but I agree with you on how drawn out it was. I guess I forgot all about the Robert Stack part. Haha! There was definitely too much detail at times.

  5. The One and Only is on my list to read, hopefully it lives up to the reviews.

  6. I'm eventually getting on the Girl on a Train train (oh I totally saw what you did there).. I just have to get through all the other books first!

  7. I liked The One & Only and Girl on a Train. I won't bother with My Sunshine Away!

  8. The One & Only was too weird for me with the relationships - it just gave me the creeps. I liked the football aspect. I'm interested to see what you think. Hope all is well!!!!


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