Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend of the arts

It's been a while since we've had a weekend full of (fun) plans. Last weekend was full of cultural events!

Friday night we saw The Full Monty at the Garden Theater, presented by Short North Stage. Eight of us from the neighborhood walked the few blocks to the theater. It was fantastic! The sets, the cast, the music... so well done! It's just amazing to be able to walk to see such great entertainment. I also ran into a sorority sister there (her sister was in the show). I haven't seen her since college, but we we're Facebook friends and she recognized me while we were in line for the restroom.

After the show we went back to our house for a Prince dance party. Sorry to any neighbors who may have heard the blaring music until the wee hours...

Saturday we recovered with brunch at The Market and naps (we did make it to the gym for a brief cardio workout). Then we took the free bus to The Ohio Theatre to see The Book of Mormon. Lots of our friends saw it two years ago when it came to town but we missed out. Hilarious! Irreverent! So much fun!

Sunday we did our usual singing at two church services. I got in another nap (Saturday was a late night by the time we had after-show drinks, not that I really need a reason for a weekend nap). Then we went back to the church for a vocal recital. A woman in our choir who had a long nursing career and then fulfilled a life-long dream of going back to school for a vocal performance degree gave her senior recital. Some of our choir members backed her up on a couple songs. It was a lovely event, and here we are in our concert attire.

We ended the weekend at our local bar, Little Rock, to say good-bye to one of the bartenders who is moving away. Sundays are "Mix Tape" nights in which all of the music is from one year. Last night was 1983, so that was fun. Of course, that was the year chosen because it's the year the bartender was born which makes me feel old. Sort of.


  1. The bartender was born in 1983? That seems so young.

    What a fun weekend! I love live stage productions of musicals. Which is odd because I can't stand musicals as movies.

  2. Stephen was born in '84. KIDS. LOL

    Great weekend of stuff and things. Love you guys in your concert attire. xoxo

  3. I just finally saw the Book of Mormon and I laughed so hard the entire time. Also, I love the entire of "mixtape" nights :)


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