Friday, March 13, 2015

The Black Cat Speaks on Friday the 13th

If you missed Bella's blog takeover (or if you just want to read it again), you can find it here. Today it's Gato's turn.


¡Hola! Me llamo es Señor Gato Negro.

Just kidding. I'm not Spanish, but for some reason my parents gave me a Spanish name. It might have something to do with this:

As far as you're concerned, my story started when I was a baby and I showed up on a nice lady's porch (actually I tried to climb up the side of her house) and she took me in along with a lot of other cats and dogs. This is me back then:

The nice lady knew my mom and dad were looking to adopt a cat and I heard my dad say he didn't want a black one because it would remind him of the one who just died, but I turned on the charm. Pair that with my stunning good looks, and they just had to have me.

I mean, come on! Who could resist this?

They brought me home and I found out I had a big sister. She's pretty cool and we hang out together sometimes.

Then I got another sister. She follows me around everywhere, which is sometimes annoying, but really we're best friends.

Oops. Mom said I should have warned you that these might be "not safe for work."

My dad likes to say "Gato is all about the party!" I don't know what the hell he's talking about.

Things I like:

Laying on Dad's chair

OK, laying just about anywhere


Helping Mom work

Things I DON'T like:

(Tell me when it's over.)

I am also an exceptional helper of laundry folding and shoe tying. No, really! (Editor's note: No, not really.)

I guess that's about it. My mom wanted me to tell you guys to have a great weekend. Meanwhile, I'll just be chillin' and lookin' good for the ladies.

Black cats rule!

Señor Gato Negro


  1. I love Senor Gato! Poor guy with the bags rustling around and the dreaded vacuum. His laidback style rules.

  2. I am cracking up, I love Gato!! Super handsome, Papi! What is it with cats and hating trash bags? Link and PMB freak when a trash bag comes out!


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