Friday, April 3, 2020


Hello friends!

Long time, no see. How's everyone hanging in during Coronavirus? I plan to post more to allow myself that creative outlet, regardless of whether anyone else reads the blog. But tonight I'm asking the question:

What would you be doing right now if not for Coronavirus?

I would be getting ready to sing a concert with the Columbus Symphony Chorus Chamber Choir. It would have been so good, y'all. The program was called Songs of Hope, Comfort, and Love, and here's just some of what we were to sing:

Maurice Duruflé Requiem
Stephen Paulus "The Road Home"
Eric Whitacre "Home"
Jean Berger "My True Love Hath My Heart"
Bernstein/Sondheim "Somewhere"

As an encore, we were planning to sing an arrangement of "You'll Never Walk Alone" from the musical Carousel. One of our chorus members took on the task of asking us to record ourselves singing, and then he synced it all together. A link to that is here.

So that's what I'd be doing #ifnotforcoronavirus.

Stay safe,


  1. ❤️and I’d be in the audience loving every moment

  2. I also had a ticket for this concert. Was really looking forward to it!

  3. good to see you posting again, Gila!


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